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Membership is open to all faculty (full and part-time) at a California Community College Music Department. Membership in MACCC gives you the opportunity to network and attend the annual MACCC Conference.Click here to discover the many reasons why you should join MACCC.

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A MACCC Testimonial

As a newly hired part-time faculty at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, I attended my first MACCC Conference in 2005. I was hoping to meet fellow music educators and to get a feeling of what this whole Community College thing was all about. 

Boy, I was not disappointed! I felt immediately “plugged in” to a vibrant, passionate, dedicated community of people who collectively move our students through their first years of college in the best way possible. Each vocal coach, choir director, band director, theory and history teachers, Chair, and Dean I met welcomed me to the community and invited me to consult with them any time.

In addition to the immediate sense of community I felt, I was able to attend a variety of break out sessions that covered topics from performance practice, syllabi, media production and political awareness for Community College music classes. I still use notes taken from this conference to this day. 

The exposure to the guest clinicians has also greatly helped me with repertoire knowledge, rehearsal technique and vocal production. To watch 200+ students put together very challenging programming for wind ensemble and chorus is sheer joy. It is what teaching is all about, for me.

Five years later I have attended every MACCC Conference and now sit on the Board of Directors as Southern California Choral Representative. The idea of helping my fellow music educators strive to be the best and the most informed they can be is a huge passion of mine. I strongly encourage any community college teacher, new or well-seasoned, to engage in the MACCC experience. It is intensely nourishing.

Cassandra Tarantino
Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA