"I owe a great deal to this organization and I want to share the reasons with you. The breakout sessions at conferences have helped me become a more effective teacher and stimulated further study.

The conference choirs and bands are led by many of the luminaries of the field, and they became master classes for my students who attended. One of the most educational experiences of the conference is hanging out with other educators who do what you do…and we all know how unique the community college is."

Gus Kambeitz,
President Elect, MACCC

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Message from the President

The MACCC Executive Board recently approved a resolution regarding the ADT and sent a delegation to Sacramento on May 21 as part of the StandUp4Music Coalition.  Here is that resolution:

Whereas Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs) are limited by Education Code to a total of 60 units completed at the CCC institution and must include completed CSU Breadth or IGETC General Education which consists of 38-39 units, leaving only 21-22 units of major preparation for music; and

Whereas the music major is a recognized high unit major as evidenced by the 124-132 unit Bachelor of Music (BM) degrees at numerous CSU campuses, including CSU Long Beach, CSULA, CSU Fullerton, CSU Stanislaus, San Jose State, San Diego State, and the required lower division music curriculum at these institutions ranges between 33 and 40 semester units; and

Whereas some disciplines such as Biology and Chemistry developed Transfer Model Curricula (TMCs) dependent upon “IGETC for STEM” which allows more discipline specific units to occur at the CCCs by permitting select general education courses to occur after transfer; therefore

Resolved that the MACCC Executive Board recognizes the high unit nature of the music major; and

Resolved that the MACCC Executive Board supports efforts to include music as a discipline eligible to make use of “IGETC for STEM” in the development of ADTs in music.

(M/S/P May 20, 2015)

MACCC was able to show the state faculty senate office and chancellor’s office that our discipline requires high unit lower division course work that exceeds the 21-22 unit restriction of the ADT!

Now we need your help! Here is what you can do:

1. Make copies of these forms (all found on the MACCC website Advocacy page): ADT High Unit Resolution, High Unit Degrees-Lower Division Count, Script for State Faculty Senate Rep.

2. Share the documents with your faculty state senate representative while you follow the Script for State Faculty Senate Rep. Leave the document, including the script, with them!

3. That’s it!!  It will take very little time and effort, but could have a huge impact!

- David Betancourt, President